In-person teaching.

Since 2017, we have organized more than 25 public conferences, seminars, courses, and teaching days across the Church — in the U.S., Canada, England, Rome, and the Holy Land, in close collaboration with multiple seminaries, dioceses, parishes, and independent institutions. This is just the beginning. See past events.

Expanded publishing.

We are currently developing a new line of books, pamphlets, and curricula for teaching the faith to all ages. Later this year, we will publish a set of 21 pamphlets entitled Anglicans Believe: brief, accessible introductions to the Christian essentials. Next, we will publish a set of practical catechetical resources for families in partnership with Church of the Incarnation, Dallas. Fresh Sunday school and confirmation curricula will follow. Living Church Institute materials are produced by top writers, pastors and teachers the world over.

Leadership development and discipleship.

The Living Church gathers and serves a broad network of leaders, influencers, teachers, and creative thinkers, and shares their gifts with the Church. This work takes place all around the world but has found a new center in our second office in Dallas, which has proved an ideal laboratory for theological research and teaching, meetings, and sustained attention to formation.

Canterbury House.

TLC jumped at the generous invitation of Bishop George Sumner and the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas to set up a second office at Canterbury House — a set of offices, meeting space, and the gorgeous and intimate St. Alban’s chapel — situated within Southern Methodist University and within walking distance of Perkins School of Theology.